Webinar: Spotlight on Formulation

In our latest webinar, Richard Weaver is joined by Rob Harris, Director of Beyond Quality to discuss the need for DMPK influence when thinking about formulation strategy.

For those working in drug discovery, it is important to be thinking about formulation prior to candidate selection. However, if left too late, it is not possible to simply formulate the way out of a bioavailability issue.

This short webinar covers:

  • Why DMPK influence is needed in today’s R&D landscape
  • The prediction of human PK and dose, and how to improve bioavailability
  • Clinical trial cost and success (or failure)
    • Knowing the compound
    • The increasing need for formulation support
    • Early development strategy
    • Selecting a formulation strategy
  • An integrated biopharmaceutics approach for early drug development.

Spotlight on Formulation webinar:

It is important to make a dose and human PK prediction early and using animal and pharmacology data to distil down into human to guide the integrated pharmaceutics approach, ideally whilst in the design-make-test cycle.

Don’t leave it too late: understand your compound and implement right formulation strategy.

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