The Best of Both Worlds: Innovation and collaboration between CROs and their clients

XenoGesis attended the recent SMR meeting in London which discussed innovation and collaboration between CROs and their clients, highlighting how CROs are taking a much more proactive role in drug discovery and development. This is in response to the changing landscape within the pharmaceutical industry.

With increasing scientific complexity, rising R&D costs and more challenging market dynamics, the pharmaceutical industry continues to seek novel ways to increase productivity and success rates in the pursuit of new therapies for human disease.

As big pharma continues to contract, the balance is shifting towards the biotechs, virtual companies, academia and research focused charities in the discovery of new drugs. These new and emerging innovators do not have the large infrastructure and expertise of large organisations and need to fill those gaps in a capital efficient manner.

There is now a wave of CROs who have taken the first step from being ‘just service providers’ to being fully integrated members of project teams with the client. They work collaboratively as an integral part of the client-CRO team to provide input, advice and help solve problems.

The SMR conference gave a series of examples where CROs and their clients from biotechs through to big pharma, have worked together to successfully deliver drug discovery and development projects in this fully trusting, empowered and open approach. This new way of working to ensure success is fully reflected and adopted in the XenoGesis’ approach.

XenoGesis works with clients in a way that is tailored to meet their needs. This can be a ‘light touch’ where XenoGesis runs the required assays, and the client has internal expertise to interpret the results themselves. XenoGesis also provide a ‘medium input’ service to design the screening and modelling required by the client, performs the laboratory work, undertakes the analysis and provides the clients with the next step recommendations. At the top end, and value of the scale, XenoGesis works with the client as a member or their team on an FTE basis for fully integrated drug discovery projects.

To find out how XenoGesis can work with you to help you with your drug discovery goals, contact a member of the team.

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