Resolving your R&D challenges

Clients that work with XenoGesis have benefited from our expertise from an early stage in the process, helping to mitigate potential problems with R&D and drive a successful outcome.

How XenoGesis resolves R&D challenges:

  • We identify the key DMPK issues early and fix them
  • Our experience enables us to select the best compounds (or redesign them) increasing the chances of success
  • XenoGesis can help fix bioavailability issues ensuring increased exposure for PD or Toxicology studies in man
  • We can predict human PK and dose and refine as the project progresses
  • We will prepare your asset for due diligence with large pharma
  • We will assess human DDI risk (CYPs, transporters)

Our clients tell us that we add value to their projects by saving cost and time, whilst providing a consultative and supportive approach to increase chances of success.

To find out more about how the XenoGesis team can add value to your drug discovery project, contact a member of the team.

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