Reach Separations specialises in chromatography for the analysis and purification of small molecules. Based in BioCity Nottingham, Reach Separations and XenoGesis work closely on numerous client projects.

Reach Separations provides a consistently high quality service, returning samples and results rapidly while ensuring discovery programmes are accelerated in a timely fashion.

Chiral Separations

Reach Separations has the capacity to offer chiral separations starting from EE determinations through to the purification of hundreds of grams of racemate. Heavily automated screening systems allow the team to screen over 200 chiral conditions in less than 24 hours with a 98% success rate when it comes to finding an appropriate separation. The team screen across HPLC and SFC in parallel and once a method is identified, purification and scale-up begin straight away. Five preparative HPLCs plus five preparative SFCs enable Reach Separations to return up to two grams of racemate in less than four working days.

Achiral Separations

Reach Separations have both RP-LCMS and SFC-MS allowing them to carry out extensive method development and purity analysis for all achiral jobs. The team is able to provide multi-component resolutions, impurity isolation and reference standard generation alongside plate purifications and single sample purification from 5mg to 500 grams.

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