Wendy is the Director of Cell-Based Assay Development at XenoGesis. She is responsible for managing the in vitro DMPK and cell biology team.

Wendy’s role is to set up and run robust reproducible methodologies which result in high quality data for clients enabling them to make key decisions in their drug discovery campaigns. When working on fully integrated drug discovery projects, Wendy underpins the design-make-test cycle by implementing the appropriate cell-based elements of the screening cascades.

In addition to overseeing the routine DMPK and cell biology assays, Wendy has extensive experience in developing bespoke cellular and biochemical assays for clients. She has also supported clients with their assays by bringing them into XenoGesis and improving their reproducibility. This includes running assays on behalf of the client to ensure a high quality data output.

Wendy developed XenoGesis’ in-house Caco-2 cell assay to improve its reproducibility over and above what is currently available from commercial suppliers.

Wendy has extensive experience and prior to joining XenoGesis in 2014 she spent 23 years at AstraZeneca. During that time, Wendy worked on a range of projects including asthma and respiratory target validation and developing new assays to confirm or dispute published literature and give confidence in drug discovery investment. These targets included GPCRs, enzymes and other receptors.

In addition to her experience in the pharma industry, Wendy also has experience in the veterinary area and worked for Mars for 4 years. Wendy performed clinical biochemistry and haematology assays for feeding trials. This involved the development of bespoke diagnostic tests for oral and digestive health. Through this work she developed expertise in mitochondria and metabolism, focusing strongly on skeletal muscle cell systems.

Wendy Tomlinson

Director of Cell-Based Assay Development

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