Rachel is the global head of business development at XenoGesis. She is responsible for setting and delivering the business strategy and the global expansion of XenoGesis.

Rachel is also responsible for identifying and managing the portfolio of new and potential clients as well as forming and building strategic relationships with partner service providers in order to deliver a professional and high-quality service.

Rachel was previously the Senior Business Manager at UCL Business plc and has 12 years’ experience in business development involving early stage technology development, securing investment funding, licensing early stage healthcare technology and setting up new companies. Her experience spans across stem cell therapies, gene therapies, diagnostics and medical devices. She was also a director of an ocular gene therapy company, Athena Vision Ltd, which was acquired by its investors MeiraGTX who following this acquisition IPO’d on NASDAQ in 2017 for $75m.

Prior to this she worked in senior roles at the University of Leicester, including Intellectual Property Manager and Research and Business Development Officer.

Rachel completed her PhD in Protein Biochemistry at the University of Wales Aberystwyth, researching the protein phosphorylation cascades and cell signalling. She has since spent 6 years of post-doctoral research experience at the John Innes centre as well as over 12 years’ experience in translating new technologies into products, including 8 years of drug discovery and development experience.

Rachel Hemsley

Rachel Hemsley PhD

Global Head of Business Development

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