LATi 2016 Showcase : From Earth to Space and Beyond …

XenoGesis will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the LATi 2016 Showcase: From Earth to Space and Beyond….

LATi_Showcase_Banner_620x200_1To be held on the opening day of the 2016 Leicester Business Festival, the ‘LATi 2016 Showcase: From Earth to Space and Beyond’ event will leave up to 120 delegates awestruck by the incredible innovation in science and technology that is taking place in the Leicestershire region. Running on 24 October 2016 between 2.30pm and 7.00pm, the free event will showcase local innovation in high-tech, space science and advanced engineering and encourage networking among scientists, engineers and technologists.

As well as being of interest to a broad audience, the event will enable these space science specialists to share their knowledge, create collaborative partnerships and develop ground-breaking yet commercially viable innovation. Based in the Sir Denis Rooke Building at Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park (the headline sponsor), the event will feature around 40 sector-leading exhibitors who specialise in micro propagation, space engineering and many other areas of science and technological development. Disciplines that will becovered include design and engineering, chemistry and life sciences, the automotive sector, materials, biological science (BioScience), and information and communications. The full list of exhibitors can be found on the LATi website.

Among the expert speakers at the LATi 2016 Showcase will be Dr Rose Deakin of The Crop Club, based in The Studio at Loughborough University. Dr Deakin will discuss plants and propagation and cover other key horticultural issues such assustainability and building seed banks. How to plan what space equipment to manufacture for use decades into the future will be the subject of a talk by Andy Bowyer of Leicester-based company, Magna Parva. The third specialist speaker will be the futurist Christopher Barnatt who –under the title of ‘The Next Big Thing’ – will look into what the future holds for artificial intelligence, local digital manufacturing, trans-human medical advances and robotics.

Sector lead Stuart Garner, CEO of Norton Motorcycles, says: “It’s hugely important for businesses in the region to have great local awareness because it helps with their supply chain, their staffing and their sales. If nobody knows what you do, who you are, or where you are, how can you expect to do business with them? It’s that simple.”

‘LATi 2016 Showcase : From Earth to Space and Beyond’ is just one of the many free events taking place at the 2016 Leicester Business Festival. To find out more, visit:

LATi 2016 Showcase : From Earth to Space and Beyond …

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