XenoGesis and Sygnature Discovery to host DMDG meeting.

Predictive Toxicology in Discovery DMPK

XenoGesis is teaming up with Sygnature Discovery and DMDG to host the forthcoming meeting on predictive toxicology in Discovery DMPK.

The meeting will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between members of the DMPK and toxicology research communities. The event will bring together talks from thought leaders in industry and academia to provide global perspectives on how predictive toxicology platforms have evolved and become key to the drug discovery and development process.

Dr Manfred Ismair from XenoGesis will be talking to delegates about transporters in drug-induced liver injury. Dr Filipa Antunes from Sygnature Discovery will be presenting ‘Assessing Cinchophen and Fialuridine Drug Induced Liver Injury Mechanisms: Strategies for hepatotoxicity risk management of new drug entities.’

XenoGesis and Sygnature Discovery will be joined by speakers from the University of Birmingham, Apconix, AstraZeneca, University of Swansea, Envigo and Imperial College

There will be an opportunity for delegates to have a tour of BioCity’s recently-opened state-of-the-art Discovery Building, as well as plenty of networking opportunities and poster presentations. The day will draw to a close with a prosecco bar and further networking.

The one-day meeting will be held at BioCity in Nottingham on Thursday 22nd March 2018.

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