A winning strategy for international success – a DIT case study

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has recently published a case study on XenoGesis’ international success.

The case study follows the earlier announcement about XenoGesis’ Queen’s Award for Enterprise win, in recognition of international growth over the past three years.

XenoGesis now has clients across six continents and continues to experience growth, with export revenue increasing year on year. XenoGesis has worked closely with the DIT for a number of years to help develop business opportunities overseas.

Dr Rachel Hemsley, Global Head of Business Development at XenoGesis, said: “It’s a much better way of interacting and meeting people than just knocking on doors. We’ve since gone from attending events that DIT run, to hiring the ambassador’s residence and running our own events. If you’re going out to a new market where people have not heard of you and you are trying to win clients, you need to convince people that you can deliver. To have the UK government standing with you or introducing you provides external validation and that really helps.”

XenoGesis is increasingly recognised internationally for its scientific expertise and different approach to other DMPK providers.

Future plans for XenoGesis include the continued expansion and growth in both the European and US markets. Last year’s visit to the West Coast has laid strong foundations, and the company’s strategy to visit markets and forge relationships with potential overseas clients remains at the fore, with visits planned once travel restrictions are lifted.

To read the case study in full, click here.

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